As Ronald Reagan said, “if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard towards that goal, we never lose–somehow we win out.”


This is a philosophy I strongly hold on to.


We as a society of radiographers, have a common goal to set and improve standards of practice and project a professional image that would highlight our immense contribution to healthcare and set ourselves apart from other health professionals.


Achieving these goals have been a long fulfilling journey and I am motivated by the great work done by previous national executives. From humble beginnings, previous executives and members have shown commitment and dedication to promote radiography and I will like to be part of the success story.


Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon, My name is Lily Quarcoopome; I am a diagnostic radiographer with the Trust Hospital (SSNIT).

I love radiography and Ghana Society of Radiographers (GSR).

I believe in teamwork, effective communication, accountability, innovation and inclusivity.

I am committed to creating an environment where there is openness; everyone feels represented and makes GSR a better place to engage in debate.

My experiences through my work as a radiographer and through various stages of education has given me skills to be dynamic, efficient and professional.


I have had the opportunity to study in different cultures and acquired experiences in establishing a good rapport with people from different backgrounds while maintaining a good working relationship. Also, I took advantage of opportunities to take leadership and communication modules in Skills Development with Price Water House Coopers in the UK to improve my negotiation, listening, time management skills etc.

As General Secretary of GSR, that’s when elected, I intend to:

1. Facilitate timely correspondence on behalf of the society; to make sure information is readily available to all stakeholders for smooth running of activities.

For instance, mostly, after Annual General Meeting (AGM) and zonal conferences, it takes quite a while for presentations, minutes and records of proceedings to be made available to members. This would be a key focus for me.

2. I would encourage National Executive Council (NEC) to embrace the use of technology because I believe this generation is fortunate to live in a global village.

I intend to use this to give timely correspondence, increase members’ access to information and to increase productivity in line with my duties.

3. I would ensure that the secretariat established by the outgoing executives is fully functional, by pushing for NEC to continuously employ the services of a national service personnel to man the secretariat with support from other core executives. This will ensure that the place is accessible to all members during working hours and days. Especially during the build up to congress or AGM when some personnel is needed at the secretariat for letters and other administrative duties.

4. My observation on our social media platform is that, the president frequently directly answers queries about official matters.

This should be a shared responsibility of the General Secretary and other executives. The president should only answer queries when absolutely necessary to allow him to focus on his/her main mandate. Also, on certain key issues, only after he has been briefed by the executives and NEC and a communique is sent out to members.

5. I intend instituting a Meet-your-executive session where members get to interact with executives on regular basis on a well moderated event held right on our social media platforms.

5. I will also encourage and facilitate correspondence with sister radiography societies to establish mutually beneficial relationships. This will encourage learning and exchange of ideas to boost professional growth. Apart from the ISSRT we as a society could associate with other organisations and industry partners.

Finally, I welcome everyone who shares my vision, any contributions and opinions with an eagerness to listen as long as it contributes a collective objective of making GSR great.

I am counting on your votes for a successful rejuvenation of our office of the General secretary.

Long live GSR

Thank you.