I imbibed a few Radiography books and also received practical instructions on the subject for a short while and then off I went. To prance about with that assumed airs and the acquired ego to match, was my own making. I had far earlier on understood that who I would become as a Radiographer was my own cup of tea, so I had better prepared it to my own liking!

And so for 32years 4months and 5days, or 11815 days, to simplify things, I lived each and everyday as an active Radiographer. I still retain remnants of the pride with which I lived it.

I have been “decommissioned” for many months now, and yet the President of the Ghana Society of Radiographers will not accept to see my backside. As I still linger here, with practically less on my mind, I crave your indulgence to spew out my ignorance on two immediate issues:


“Yes, it is serious!” the fine, elegantly dressed gentleman answered to my expression of exasperation. I was very confused, with my head spinning, because I had rhetorically uttered “Are you serious”, and that was what I got back.

He had pointed to some two particular figures on my Social Security Pension Payment Advice document which he handed me at the SSNIT office. One figure was the Lump Sum Payment, and it gave me the initial jolt!

The second one was the Monthly Living Allowance, and it is the one which set my mind behaving like a proton in a magnetic field. And the gentleman had compounded my plight with such an unexpected and almost unsympathetic answer. How he managed to compose that four-worded but immensely loaded answer to my harmless three-worded utterance still beats my mind.

Having regained some composure at home I reflected on that simple answer and came to grasp the import therein. Civil Servants’ Social Security is so incredulously Insecure that “it is serious”!

Whilst you guys are at it now, you need to devote some significant chunk of your God-given human potential to transform your situations for now, and for when you get “decommissioned” with creaking joints. Time flies!


There is something in the human being that doesn’t like boundaries and wants to expand limitlessly. So humankind will always create change. And Nature will also do its part to improve life and living.

We need, therefore, to move from our “collective personal ambition” as Radiographers and adopt a wider vision as a miniscule part of humanity in general! We cannot assume that our professional “niche” can stagnate in the sea of change within which we find ourselves. Change, it will! How do we contribute as well as influence this change, whilst staying relevant in this turbulent sea of change, should be occupying our attention now, more than which of the Healthcare Professions will be the first to go, or not to go soon. 

Hurting from the recent national threat to our profession, don’t we need to dissect the situation critically and chart a way going into the future?

In my ignorance I have been turning the idea in my atrophied brain, of a Radiographer who has the requisite competence and license to rip open his Artificially Intelligent equipment to bring it back to working condition when the need arose.

Now that the Biomedical Engineers have realized the possibility, what can stop the smart ones amongst them from going back to the lecture rooms to acquire what will make themselves licensed Radiographers!

Do we have anything called multi-competence in the competitive job market?

Written By: Abraham Akwasi Sarfo

A Decommissioned Radiographer