The 2019 edition of the World Radiography Day Celebration was observed at the University of Cape Coast, SMS auditorium, on Friday, the 8th of November. The theme for the celebration was “your safety our priority: the radiographer is practicing and maintaining safety culture. This is the first time such a program is taking place in Cape Coast. The program started at 10:17am. The MCs were Bernard Oduro Frimpong and Dorcas Derry, both Radiography students of the University of Cape Coast.


This year’s program centered on the students. The rationale was to bring the students closer to the Society, thereby whipping up interest in joining the Society and playing instrumental roles after their various undergraduate programs. Students from the departments of Radiography from the following schools were in attendance: the University of Ghana, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kintampo College of Health and Wellness, Klintaps College of Health, University of Health and Allied Sciences and the University of Cape Coast. The total students in attendance were about four hundred. The National Executive Council and some radiographers were also present.


The following were some of dignitaries graced the occasion: Dr Samuel Anim Sampong (Head of Department for Radiography, University of Ghana, Mr Samuel Titiati (Representative from Kintampo College of Health and Wellness), Mr … (from Klintaps), Dr Gbordiku (Head of Medical Imaging Department, University of Cape Coast), Mr Hanson (Representative from University of Health and Allied Sciences)

The program was galvanized by speeches from some of the dignitaries present.

Dignitaries Of World Radiography Day 2019
Dignitaries Of World Radiography Day 2019.
  1. Chairman

Dr. Philip Nartey Gborleku in his acceptance speech, remarked that radiographers have the ability to do good or cause harm, depending on our adherence to safety practices. He said, health and safety promotion is at the core of the imaging profession. He encouraged everyone to jealously guard the profession.

Dr. Gborleku also highlighted the shorted of radiographers as against the Ghanaian population. He said this shows that there are lots of job opportunities especially for the students when they complete their studies.

The Chairman bemoaned the move by the ministry to train biomedical engineers and applauded the intervention by the Society and other stakeholders.

In his closing remarks, he re-echoed the need to support radiographers to go into academia.

  • Special guest

The special guest of honour was the Central Regional Director of Health, Dr Alexis. In his keynote address, he called on all radiographers to be united like the molecules of mercury and not that of water. He said, though the medical profession is diverse, they are all under GMA. The Radiography fraternity should also be united in same way.

Dr. Alexis added that radiographers play very instrumental roles in modern medical practice. He said radiographers make the invisible, visible. He suggested the Society adopt the cliché ‘making the invisible visible’.

The Central Regional Director of Health said he would prefer we say “the radiographer is promoting and maintaining safety culture” instead of “your safety, our priority”. He said that was one mistake the Ghana Health Service made in adopting the motto “your health, our responsibility” instead of “our health, our responsibility”. He believed this statement would make both the patient and the health professional responsible when it comes to health issues.

Dr. Alexis recounted how far technological advances over the years has brought the profession. He said these advances calls for frequent update of professional competencies to meet current demands. He further stressed on the need for routine quality checks on our imaging systems to ensure utmost safety. He said safety should be part of our professional culture.

Mentorship is key to ensuring passing the required skills to the next generation. Dr. Alexis lauded the move to involve the students in the commemorative program and believes this will help integrate them into the Society. He then advised the students to take this opportunity and learn from their senior colleagues and adopt them as their mentors.

In his concluding remarks, Dr. Alexis called on all and sundry to support HEFRA to help deal with the quackery menace.

  • GSR President

The President, Mr. Prince Rockson, said the World Radiography Day Celebration, which is observed on the 8th of November worldwide, brings all the various stakeholders of the radiography together to take stock of the performance of the profession and re-strategize to deliver quality services to our community. The Day also serves as an opportunity to sell the profession to young people who may be considering various carrier choices.

Mr. Rockson called on the ministry to resource the various radiography facilities to be able to carry out both thorough routine and periodic quality control tests to ensure that quality examinations are carried out on our patients. The President went on to outline the various programs being run by the various institutions towards meeting the growing need for high quality professionals in the country. They are shown in the table below:

School Programs
University of Ghana BSc Diagnostic Radiography
BSc Therapy Radiography
MSc Ultrasonography
Kwame Nkrumah Univ. of Sc. and Tech BSc Medical Diagnostic Imaging
University of Cape Coast BSc Diagnostic Imaging Technology
BSc Diagnostic Ultrasonography
University of Health and Allied Sciences BSc Medical Imaging
  MPhil Medical Imaging
  PhD Medical Imaging
Kintampo College of Health and Wellness Diploma in Radiologic Technology
Klintaps University College Bsc Radiography
  Bsc Ultrasonography

Mr. Rockson called on the ministry to make plans to utilize the manpower that will be churned out in a few years, to benefit the country, especially those in deprived areas.

The President also called on radiographers to take advantage of existing opportunities to strategically equip and position themselves to influence policies on radiography. He called for collaboration between the Society and the various training institutions to harmonize the various university curricula and nomenclature to reflect current global trends. He went on to appeal to scholarship grant institutions such as GETfund to sponsor radiographers to be trained as lecturers to help produce high quality human resource for the various universities.

The President called on the Allied Health Professions Council to facilitate the establishment of a postgraduate professional college for specialization in our profession. Mr. Rockson again called on the Allied Health Professions Council to engage the re-enforcing agencies, like HEFRA (Health Facility Regulatory Authority) to help rid the private and public health facilities of quarks. He advised that authorities of various health facilities should desist from engaging unqualified individuals.

  • Head of Department for University of Ghana

Dr. Sampong, the head of department for the University of Ghana, department of radiography, advised students to accept postings to orphaned facilities to provide quality services and also help deal with the quackery menace.  He thanked the Society for the support in the form of transportation to the interns for the 2019/2020 national service year. Dr. Sampong called for collaboration between the Universities for a uniform posting to ensure that orphaned facilities get qualified personnel.


The Federation of Medical Imaging Students Association (FEGMISA), is the umbrella body of all student radiography associations in Ghana. The President of the students’ federation has a seat at the National Executive Council for a one year term.

The leaders for the 2019/2020 academic year were elected by the students present. The following were the elected leaders for the 2019/2020 academic year:

Name Position School
Ahmed Ayiku Tetteh President University of Ghana
Jessica Addy Vice President University of Cape Coast
Theophilus Kwamena Andoh General Secretary University of Cape Coast
Gerald Mana Organizing Secretary University of Ghana
Philipa Felicia Aggrey Financial Secretary University of Ghana
Emmanuella Osei Bonsu Public Relations Officer Kwame Nkrumah University of Science Technology


The commemoration was followed by the maiden radiography quiz competition named in honour of Mrs. Harriet Duah, former Chief Radiographer and Head of Department for the Radiologic Training School run by the Ministry of Health.

The maiden quiz was between the University of Ghana, University of Health and Allied Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the University of Cape Coast. The quiz master was Mr. Dennis Ahia, supported by Mr. Richard Ofori and Mr. Frank Ofori Minta.

The University of Ghana won the competition. They were followed by University of Cape Coast, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and University of Health and Allied Sciences for the second, third and fourth positions respectively.

Students Feedback on World Radiography Day (WRD) Celebration

  1. Program was well organized. Students are already looking forward to next year’s edition
  2.  The National Executive Council was welcoming and made them have a sense of already belonging to the Society.
  3. The refreshment package was top notch
  4. The opportunity to given them to give speeches was awesome.
  5. They wished they had the opportunity to ask questions about the prospects of the profession.
  6. The inter-tertiary socialization was very good for them. They have been able to establish valuable affiliations with students from other institutions.
  7. They would appreciate frequent visitation from the Society.
  8. The students also called for more collaborative programs with the Society. To this the President such programs are capital intensive. As such, students’ participation in GSR programs will be by delegation and allotments. The Society will also consider having seminars on the various campuses from time to time for each school. Then the WRD will serve as an annual students congress for all the institutions.
  9. On FEGMISA elections, there two suggestions. The first was that there should be elections for the Presidency (President and Vice President). Schools that win the Presidential elections cannot contest for other positions. This to give fair representation of all schools at the FEGMISA executive council. The other suggestion was that the elections can go on and then additional representatives are chosen for each school. Together they will form a council.
  10. Banners for WRD arrived late. To this the President said because there was already an assurance of massive student participation, there was no urgency to do physical publicity. The publicity was more on digital and social media platforms.
  11. There were also concerns that the theme for the celebration came in late. To the President said the Society will develop its own theme next year.
  12. The students suggested that the celebration should be a week long program. This some said would be difficult, especially, in the case of University of Cape Coast where they do not have permanent lecturers. It was suggested that the Society writes to all schools to seek for Roentgen’s Week to be included in their academic calendar. The Academia Representative was tasked to lead the discussion with the schools to see how that can be done.
  13. On the quiz, they want us to ballot for the sitting positions. Rules for each question should be read before the answers are given.