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THE GHANA SOCIETY OF RADIOGRAPHERS, GSR The Ghana Society of Radiographers is the sole umbrella professional body for all certified radiographers (diagnostic, therapy and sonographers) in Ghana. It was established in 1986 in accordance with the Professional Bodies Regulatory Decree,

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Two years ago in Sunyani, the beautiful capital of Brong Ahafo Region, I spoke on almost the same issues about Radiography in Ghana titled: “Radiography in Ghana, the Past, Present and


DEVELOPMENT, CHALLENGES AND THE WAY FORWARD BY MR. LAWRENCE ARTHUR (Lecturer) Department of Radiography, School of Allied Health Sciences, College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana, Legon PREAMBLE The practice of radiography and radiology began, just after X-rays were discovered

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a dynamic and flexible imaging technique used primarily to produce high quality images of the inside of the human body. MRI is based on the principles of

Medical Ultrasonography

Ultrasound produces sound waves that are beamed into the body causing return echoes that are recorded to “visualize” structures beneath the skin. The ability to measure different echoes reflected …


1. Background Radiographers are medical imaging and radiotherapy practitioners who: • are professionally accountable to the patients’ physical and psychosocial wellbeing, prior to, during and following examinations or therapy; • take an active role in justification and optimisation of medical